About The Club

When and Where

The Club meets on Wednesdays at 7:30pm September through June at St. Augustine's Church Hall, Richmond Road, Cambridge CB4 3PS.


The Club is open to all. It has an annual subscription fee which is currently £85 to cover expenses, and the membership season runs from 1 September to 30 June. Members wishing to play in leagues or any other graded matches must also belong to the English Chess Federation, which costs about £13 - £25 (different levels) for the annual season starting in September, to cover grading.

We cater for all abilities and have members from beginners to those with gradings above ECF 200.

Leagues and Teams

We field teams in several local leagues. Chessclock time-controls limit most league games to about three hours, governed by the standard rules of chess. League matches are mostly scheduled and pre-arranged from the beginning of each season in September. Selection for most teams is done in August.

Main Activities

We play in the Bury Area Chess League (BACL) where this season (2015-16) we have six teams entered. Teams consist of four players, usually drawn from larger squads of nominated players. This League is very well organized with three divisions of six or seven teams each, playing each other team twice (Home and Away) making 10 to 12 matches. The Away matches are in the local towns of Ely, Linton, Newmarket, and Bury St Edmunds, on weekdays other than Wednesdays. BACL fixtures run from September to April.

We also play in the Cambridgeshire League against clubs from local towns mainly to the west of Cambridge, again with both Home and Away matches. The Fenland Cup / Fenland Plate are knock-out tournaments in this League.

There is also a grading-limited knockout tournament (The Roger Goldsmith Trophy) organized within the BACL throughout its season, offering good opportunities for less experienced players.

An informal annual "Town vs Gown" rapidplay contest (30 minutes per player) is held usually in April, mainly against Cambridge University students who quite enjoy thrashing us. Other fun events cater for handicaps and some bizarre experimental variants of chess.

Finally, there is an internal Club Championship of about seven rounds played throughout the year, with pairings announced at the end of August.