Nigel Short playing in a simultaneous exhibition (against Smyslov) in 1976

Chess for Kids

Cambridge City Chess Club has a "league-focused culture", meaning that we primarily play competitive chess in pre-arranged team fixtures under tournament conditions. (Tournament conditions require silence, and the use of chess clocks.) Thus we cater mainly for serious adult chessplayers, who expect a silent and orderly environment.

Away matches require late evening travel to and from other cities on weekday nights, which is not optimal for school children. But some local chessclubs do cater for children, and may offer instruction:

  • The Junior Chess and Go Club meets at the same venue (St Augustine's Church Hall) on Wednesdays during term time at 6:00pm, closing at 7:15pm before competitive senior chess begins in the Hall.

  • The schools-based Chess for Kids programme is organised across several Cambridgeshire schools. Lists of those schools, their club meeting times, and instructors' contact details, are available via their website.

  • The Cambridge University Chess Club holds various events, mainly blitz chess, on Saturdays for students.

  • Informal "coffeehouse chess" can be enjoyed at this relaxed setting : Cambridge Casual Chess, 69 Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1AB.